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Dog Boarding

We provide our boarding pet guests with the highest quality of comfort and care. We make sure that every pet has a safe, fun and relaxing stay while boarding with us. Our highly trained staff is constantly supervising your pets’ play, providing superior care or cleaning throughout your pets’ entire stay. We are a dog rescue facility in Center Point that offers boarding services for your four-legged family members. Your pup will get a lot of play time, love, and attention. Dogs staying with us overnight rest in their own space on a cozy dog bed or blanket in our climate-controlled building. Each morning, everyone goes out to do their business before breakfast. During playtime the dogs are rotated throughout the day and are placed into groups according to activity level, temperament, and size. Dinner is served in the afternoon, and then they get get a little more time to play before we close down for the day. Around 9-9:30 pm, they are let out to go potty and to run around for a bit before being tucked in for the night. At night we play music to help the dogs relax and to settle in for the night, so they can get a good night's rest.


We have cameras inside and outside of the building so we keep a close watch on your dog(s). The owner and staff both live on-site, so someone is always near by when we close down for the day.


Pictures and or videos are posted daily on Facebook

At Texas Round Up Animal Alliance we treat every dog as we do our own; they’re not just pets, they’re family! When you send your dog for boarding you are helping support the animals we rescue and families that need help with their pets. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call (830) 955-2670 or send us an email


  • Boarding: $35/night for one dog | $30/night for second, third, etc.

  • Late Check Out Fee: $20 late check out fee if picked up after 5pm Monday-Friday or after 3pm Saturday-Sunday.

  • Nail Trims: $10 

  • No extra charge for more playtime, treats, one on one time, giving meds, or enrichment activities.


New Dog Boarding Guests: All new dog guests must first have an evaluation or “Temperament Test” in order to board. This is a 10-20 minute process of introducing your dog to our staff and then other similar dogs to figure out their temperament, play style and activity level. This is to ensure your pet is safe for our pet handlers to be around. It is also to see if they can participate in group play while boarding. Pease create your dogs profile here. Once profile is made, we will contact you for a meet and greet evaluation. 


Dogs must be at least 4 months old, have all their vaccinations, be house trained, non-pet aggressive, and non-people aggressive for the safety of other dogs and staff. They must have been socialized with people and dogs.

Spay/Neuter Policy: All boarding clients over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered. We will, at our discretion, make exceptions for certain dogs with a veterinarian’s note stating that they have a medical condition that prevents them from being spayed or neutered.


Vaccinations: Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations. All vaccinations must be administered at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Frequency is based on your vet’s requirements. You or your vet can email the records directly to us prior to boarding. You can also upload to your profile, once you log in to make your reservations.

  • Rabies Vaccine

  • DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus)

  • Bordetella 


Flea/Tick Preventative: Dogs must be on flea and heart worm prevention. To help us maintain a flea-free environment, pets that check in at the facility with fleas will receive a flea treatment at the owner’s expense.


Collar/Leash Policy: Dogs must wear a nylon or leather collar with name and current rabies tag. Dogs MUST be on leash when on Texas Round Up Animal Alliance property. Texas Round Up Animal Alliance is not responsible for any injuries to your dog if your dog is off leash.​


Holidays, including Spring Break: Reservations and a deposit of $100 are required. Deposit will be used towards your total due. A 10-day cancellation notice is required prior to first day of boarding. If you cancel 10 days prior to your first day of boarding a refund will be issued or you can put your deposit towards a credit for your next stay. Cancellations without proper notice or a no-show for a reservation will result in forfeiture of deposit. This includes Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break only.


Pick-Up/Drop-Off: We suggest you drop off your dog(s) no later than 2pm, so they have time to play before dinner.  We understand sometimes that can't happen and we will make an exception as long as arrangements are made before hand. We are closed for pick up and drop off on these Holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas, however, our staff still works on those days to ensure your pets enjoy their stay while you are away. 

Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve our hours for pick up and drop off are 8am-2pm. 


Food: We feed meals twice a day: prior to morning playtime, and late afternoon. We recommend that you bring your own food in pre-measured and pre-marked zip lock baggies to maintain your pet's normal diet (please add feeding instructions). However, we do provide OptimPlus Chicken & Brown Rice from Pet Supplies for $3/per day/per pet.

Medication: We give oral medications to your dogs at no extra cost. Bring medications in a clearly marked container with the following information: dog's name, name of medication, dosage per day or as needed and the reason for the medication.


Bedding: We will provide a comfy blanket for your pup, but if you wish to bring your own bedding, toys, or anything else that may make your pup feel more at home, we are happy to accommodate. 

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