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Dog Training


We can help with any training or behavior problem you might be experiencing, from puppy training to obedience training, behavior problems, fear, aggression, and everything in between. 

Our mission with GET TRUAA TRAINED is bringing out the confidence in your dog with resilience, grit and authenticity. We offer one on one individualized training with a half day of play care or board and train for basic obedience!


IndividuaL Dog Training 

​​We create a bond with each dog, learn their quirks and individualize their training sessions based on the dogs personality. One on one sessions are available once a week until your needs are met.​

Doggone Rookie with Half Day Playcare: Individualized training sessions per client depending on your dogs needs. It includes 1 hour with undivided attention with your dog, 2 to 4 hours of socialization and environment training.


$72/per session

Board and Train 

When you entrust us with your dog's training journey, you can rest assured they'll receive extraordinary care, attention, and love throughout their stay. Each day is fulfilled with stimulating training exercises. We believe that consistency and regularity are key to instilling positive behavioral patterns, so we spare no effort in ensuring your pup receives the training they deserve. Our commitment to your pup's well-being is unmatched, and we treat every dog as if they were our own. So, whether you're seeking to address challenging behaviors, enhance obedience, or simply provide your furry companion with an unparalleled training experience, our training services are tailored to exceed your expectations. Let us be your partner on this transformative activity.

1 week Board and Train: $665

2 week Board and Train: $1330

We like to make it a positive and simple experience for the owners too! You can rest assured your dog will leave each training session with IMPROVEMENT! Contact us today schedule your next training session.

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