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Texas Round Up Animal Alliance is a 501c3 Non-Profit Dog Rescue, located in Center Point, TX. Our sole purpose is rescuing dogs that are at high risk of euthanasia, surrendered and abandoned. We are a small facility where we house up to 20-25 dogs at a time. The dogs that come into our care get one on one attention, vet care, fully vaccinated and trained. Our goal is to provide these neglected dogs with a second chance at life. We learn all about them, their personalities, behaviors, wants and needs. Once they are fully vetted they become available for adoption. We search for the best fit family for each and every one of them!


We offer spay/neuter assistance, pet food, and supplies to families in need, when we have the extra funding. We want to give back into the community in hopes we can prevent a litter of puppies, illnesses and possible surrender to animal control. We hope you come to love who we are, what our mission is and how we are one big family in rescue! TRUAA believes no dog should be left behind!

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