Malinois Dog Sit Outdoors In Green Summe



We can help with any training or behavior problem you might be experiencing, from puppy training to obedience training, behavior problems, fear, aggression, and everything in between.


Our mission with GET TRUAA TRAINED is bringing out the confidence in your K9 with resilience, grit and authenticity.


• Manners & Obedience

• Aggression & Reactivity

• Leash Training

• Curbing Problem Behaviors Like Jumping & Barking

• Fearful/Shy Dogs • Separation Anxiety

• Foundation Behaviors: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place

• Jumpstart on impulse control: Wait, Drop, Leave It

• Maintaining good behavior while you're away.

• Socialization for Puppies

• Stop Leash Reactivity

• Stop Leash Pulling and Lunging

• Help for Nipping and Chewing

• Potty Training

• Crate Training


Why choose us? We are more than just your basic dog training class. Our trainer specializes with one on one for each client. No session is the same. We bond with each dog, learn their quirks and individualize their training sessions based on the dogs personality. We like to make it a positive and simple experience for the owners too! You can rest assured your dog will leave each training session with IMPROVEMENT!

Contact us today schedule your next training session.